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Our vision

Our vision was to find brewers steeped in tradition and provenance. Relationships were forged, excellent beer consumed and a union of brewers began to form. This is how BREWERS AND UNION was born. Since then, we’ve put down roots in 21 countries, with sales and logistics teams spreading the word and the beer far and wide. As we’ve grown, so the AND UNION Drinks Company has evolved, delivering beverage experiences that challenge the status quo. AND UNION connects us. It brings together our friends and supporters, uniting brewer, designer, artist, merchant and chef with passionate beer drinkers. Stick with us. We’re changing the world one drink at a time.

And Union
Bavaria, Germany

And Union

Our story is one of friendship and refusing to accept the norm. We are three friends who grew up in South Africa, at the time a conservative nationalist state. The beer available was unimaginative and one-dimensional. There was better beer out there. We knew that something made with love, care and integrity, steeped in tradition and learned expertise could rock someone’s world.

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