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Our Clients

CBA-Gin Co

Working with Silent Pool award winning distillery to create a range of elegant gins that conjure up the flavours discovered during their travels, these two are just the start in a long line of amazing gins/cultures to follow.


Pull the Pin

Toms’ knowledge for using high quality ingredients to produce outstanding flavours comes from his family's chef background, but also whilst he was in the military his passion grew to the extent he was known as the ‘Spice Solider’ by his fellow soldiers, until injury made him leave the army to set up his next adventure in spirits. Producing some amazing rums and now added a London Dry gin to the armoury.


Blue Bottle

Created by Master Distiller Matt Poli at Three fingers distillery, who drew his inspiration for the bottle designs from a college science project where he had to study flies and once under the microscope saw the intricate and vivid colours of the Blue Bottle fly, which is why it is found on the front of the striking blue bottle.


Lost Years Rum

Lost Years is a rum brand with a purpose – a range of exceptional Caribbean and Latin American rums devoted to saving endangered sea turtles. Every bottle of Lost Years rum you buy saves up to ten baby sea turtles by supporting community-based conservation efforts at key nesting sites across the Caribbean and Latin America.


Penrhos Spirits

For generations Richard Williams and Charles Turner have farmed this land and have now captured its natural elements in every sense. Carefully grown and hand-picked ingredients that celebrate provenance and stimulate the senses. Every stage of the process has a purpose and a passion, magically distilled into nature’s own essence. 


Reverend Hubert

The Reverend Hubert Bell Lester (1868 -1929) was a charming and caring man who also enjoyed a good party. He created his winter liqueur recipe in 1904 for the joyful Christmas gathering of his army colleagues and congregation. Over the years, the original recipe was fine-tuned according to wherever in the world he was stationed.


Nginious! Basel

Since 2014 we have been turning the gin world upside down and developed Nginious! to be one of the world’s most innovative gin brands. What started with an aspiration to compose a gin with a fine herbal note, freshness and clarity as is typical of a Swiss gin from the first sip, was rewarded in 2018 with the award of the Nginious! Swiss Blended Gin, as the best Swiss gin at the Swiss Spirit Awards.


Dr Eamers

Our range of award winning Gins are lovingly Handcrafted at our Distillery - The West Midlands Distillery. Set in the heart of The West Midlands and Distilled by a family of Distillers, in small batches. We distil our Spirits from two locations. At our main Distillery near Dudley and at our Distillery Bar at the Waterfront, Merry Hill.

West Midlands

Drunken Duck

The Drunken Duck range was inspired by the seasonality of the family farm. Thanks to the farm’s sparkling spring mornings, long summer evenings,  crisp autumn days and fresh winter times, it has given way for us to create a gin with simple and honest flavour profiles whilst honouring the beautiful surroundings we live in. Our first London Dry Gin creates nostalgic memories of long, hot summer evenings in the garden with family and friends. It is these memories of happiness and joy from days gone by which are recreated with each and every sip.


Bensons The Juicers

Bensons make natural products that support a healthier lifestyle. We are passionate about the quality and provenance of our ingredients and are dedicated to producing delicious, natural drinks and ice-lollies that taste great and make you feel good! All products are a blend of fruit juice mixed with filtered still water. Made with British fruits. 100% fruit juice.


Artisan Drinks

Founded by an entrepreneur, an artist and a bar owner, Artisan Drinks are all made with 100% natural ingredients, offering unique flavour combinations which have been developed to truly complement craft spirits rather than drowning them in sugar or artificial ingredients.

King's Lynn

Broadoak Ciders

Broadoak are a family run cider maker producing award winning traditional cider and perry from our home at the Cider Mill in the heart of Somerset. Our methods  of crafting traditional cider have passed through generations of the Brunt family, allowing us to develop a reputation for delivering premium products at excellent value.


Cask & Keg Brewers

We work with a number of traditional and modern cask & keg breweries across the UK. Some of these breweries are more familiar than others, but they are all awarding breweries producing some great quality beers. Working with our network of wholesalers we secure new listings to drive distribution of these beers into targeted outlets.


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