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Blue Bottle Artisan Dry 47%abv 70cl– The epitome of artisan gins. Traditional juniper combines with the tropical scent of local gorse flowers and the warm spicy notes of cubeb pepper to create a complex yet refreshing delight.

Pink Gin 44%abv 70cl – Our pink gin has pink grapefruit at its core. Layered with fresh orange and lemon peel, the citrus hit enhances the essential juniper to make a modern fruity delight.

Blue Mantis Vodka 47%abv 70cl - Crafted from 100% malted barley gives our vodka a distinct softness and mouthfeel. Triple distilled and quadruple filtered, it can be served straight from the freezer or over ice with your favourite mixer.

Perfect Pours

Blue Bottle Artisan Dry – Fresh ice, a classic Indian tonic water, with a garnish of lime. Simple but allows the ultra-premium gin to truly shine.

Pink Gin – serve with a premium tonic and a wedge of fresh pink grapefruit. Or if you have Artisan Mixers - Pink citrus tonic this over ice.

Blue Mantis Vodka – Best served neat straight from the freezer or with your favourite mixer.

Blue Bottle

Blue Bottle

Created by Master Distiller Matt Poli at Three fingers distillery, who drew his inspiration for the bottle designs from a college science project where he had to study flies and once under the microscope saw the intricate and vivid colours of the Blue Bottle fly, which is why it is found on the front of the striking blue bottle.

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