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LY Four Islands 40%abv 70cl – a exceptional sipping rum, multi award winning signature blend, it’s a union of world class single estate rums made from two different base ingredients. Molasses and fresh sugar cane juice.

LY Arribada Cask Aged Rum 42%abv 70cl – is a blend of luxurious fine aged rums from Panama, El Salvador, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Dom Rep. barrel aged for 8years in white oak barrels, results in a mellow, warm and spicy Latin American rum. It’s proved a real hit with the whisky drinkers!

LY Navy Strength 54.5%abv 70cl – a pure unaged blend of Coffey column still rum from Jamaica and Barbados gives this punchy unaged rum a real natural sweetness of molasses. Recently named MASTER in the white overproof category of the Rum & Cachaca Masters 2021 competition.

Lost Years Rum

Lost Years Rum

Lost Years is a rum brand with a purpose – a range of exceptional Caribbean and Latin American rums devoted to saving endangered sea turtles. Every bottle of Lost Years rum you buy saves up to ten baby sea turtles by supporting community-based conservation efforts at key nesting sites across the Caribbean and Latin America.

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