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Perfect Serves

Fluffy's perfect serve; Sugar & Spice.
This is a flufty favourite. A simple and incredibly delicious short drink. Fluffy's original spiced rum, a secret blend of botanicals, protected by the dragon.
50ml Fluffy Dragon Original Spiced Rum
Add Fever Tree Madagascan Cola
Stir with ice
Strain over a sinale large ice cube
Garnish with orange peel. expressed over the alass to release the aromatic oils

Flurv's bertect smoky serve: Flutty. Dark a Stormy
A smoky twist on the dark and stormy classic. Fluffy's original spiced rum, infused with the smoke of dragon's breath
25ml Fluffy Dragon Smoky Spiced Rum
75ml Fever Tree Ginger Beer
20ml Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice
Serve in a high ball garnished with fresh ginger and lime

Fluffv's perfect coffee serve: The Dragon Breathes
The ultimate way to enjoy Fluffy Dragon Coffee Rum. Fluffy's original spiced rum infused with coffee beans roasted by dragon's fire.
• bum rony orecon comee kum
Large Ice cube
Combine in a heavy bottomed tumbler. Pertect for sipping

The Fluffy Dragon Co

The Fluffy Dragon Co

A Fantastic Tale of Fortituce and Fortune. The Fluffy Dracon Co. blends the very finest rums to bring our their individual characteristics in perfect harmony. Bold. distinctive. and smooth. our rums need to be tasted to be believed. Each one has a distinct personality that shines through with your choice of mixer.

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