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A few from our range…

Cinnabar – a spiced rum, using 1968 as its base. This is a distilled spiced rum, with the spices being distilled during the second ‘spirit’ distillation. Giving a smooth clean, clear and crispy spiced rum. It is sweetened using the same syrup that is used to make the rum in the first place. It is pleasantly not too sweet or over flavoured with vanilla. ​

Fort Gin – a smooth, very flavoursome sipping Gin. It is a blend of Juniper plus 15 Botanicals. The three key of which are found growing in the grounds of the Fort: Gorse Flower, Elderflower and Sea Radish.​

1968 Rum – An unaged white rum, made using dehydrated sugar cane juice imported from Costa Rica. This is made into a syrup, fermented and double distilled. Giving a smooth, light, slightly sweet rum bursting with flavours of over ripe bananas and tropical fruits.

The Portsmouth Distillery Co
Fort Cumberland

The Portsmouth Distillery Co

The Portsmouth Distillery Co. is a premium artisan spirit producer. We were established in 2018 and have our home in the fabulous eighteenth-century Bastion of Fort Cumberland. Located on Eastney Point on the southeastern tip of Portsea Island – surrounded by the Sea and Centuries of naval history.​

Our distillery is within the eighteenth-century Fort Cumberland, an Historic England property. We’re playing our part in the revival of the site by refurbishing 7 casements and an ancient powder casement that once stored Naval weaponry, winning The Portsmouth Society award for “Best Re-use of an Historic building-2019”.

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